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Dr. Wanda Fraizer-Parker Leader, life coach, motivator, and mentor to many, Wanda Parker has served Christendom for greater than 30 years. Subsequent to a successful, 14-year service as Associate Pastor in Baltimore, Maryland, Wanda’s service equipped her to become Co-Pastor for Truth Tabernacle Ministries in Rocky Mount, North Carolina under the auspices of her husband, Bishop Dr. Haywood L. Parker. As Bishop Parker is a profound, strategic planner and consultant to the Mount Calvary Holy Churches of America, Incorporated (under the auspices of Archbishop Alfred A. and Co-Pastor Susie Owens), Co-Pastor Parker shares this privilege uniformly and in a supportive nature.

Besides sharing the pastoral duties of Truth Tabernacle Ministries, Co-Pastor Parker travels weekly across the nation preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is an internationally known and nationally celebrated speaker with an infectious energy, winsome personality and mind-revolutionizing message. Her unique, uncompromising and bold approach to presenting God’s Word is renowned for reforming lives and advancing God’s Kingdom. A prolific revivalist and conference leader, Co-Pastor Parker aims to accomplish with all diligence the wholeness of man. Paramount is her determination-filled life which radiates kingdom style faith, leading to success and “living” her preordained destiny.

To attend to the call of excellence and integrity in ministry, Co-Pastor Parker founded Wanda Parker Ministries (WPM). With a passion-filled heart for mentoring women in ministry, Co-Pastor Parker, in collaboration with WPM, produces a regional women’s conference, affectionately named Empowered For Living Women’s Conference that addresses the specific needs of women by aiding many in their transition from valley to victory and from sorrow to strength.

Professionally, Co-Pastor Parker is the CEO of WSP, Incorporated and Executive Director of Save The Genes Foundation, a foundation that supports change against childhood obesity and Type II Diabetes. Educationally, Co-Pastor Parker holds a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Formation from Columbia International University while pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in the Effective Ministry to Women track at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

Due to her outstanding commitment to service and ministry, Co-Pastor Parker is the recipient of the 2010 Overflow Woman of the Year Award. Nothing renders her prouder than the favor that God has extended to cover, lead and love two daughters, Shelayna and Stephanie, who both work in the ministry.

Throughout life, her continual prayer is that God keeps her humble and always flowing with fresh oil.

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